I ran Lauren Clark Jewellery successfully for 6 years but was never bold enough to take the next step and have an online presence. In my infinite wisdom I joined the property industry where I embarked on a 4 and a half year career. I was fortunate to work for two very good companies and join the strong and successful upper Constantia team of Pam Golding. Life lessons in abbundance under my belt and the concering of my techno phobia has brought me full circle back to my original path.

I love to create, to work with my hands, experiment with raw materials, dream up new designs. I have retailed my designs in top hotels and bush lodges on the African continent as well as exporting to the UK, Australia and America. Classic and timeless pieces which 10 years after inception still hold their own and have a kind of ‘houding’. Like a good wine they age well!

I adore contrast, leather with sequence. One must never take one’s self too seriously!

I thrive on attaining balance in my designs and while one must be budget conscious, there is nothing more satisfying that a weighty article of jewellery, solid with longevity but light enough for confort.

I design and manufacture most of the hardware in order to achieve a unique product, while staying current and following trends has an influence on my business it is not the essence of Lauren Clark Designs. The old adage of if it’s not broken don’t fix it definitely applies, I believe classic timeless designs will always compliment trends and rather spend your cash on the basics than on items that will date in a year or two.

Quality is such a dull word but so comforting at the same time, I am very particular about the finishes of my designs and do a lot of the final touches myself to insure longevity. Leather is  a durable material that ages well when cared for properly.